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Our vehicles

We have several vehicles available depending on budget and passenger requirements.

Vehicle Information

Cadillac Escalade (6.2 liter, all wheel drive)

The Escalade is a comfortable air ride suspension vehicle which has been adapted for Alaskan roads.​


Seating capacity:


6 however, if our guests want to have more comfort and space we suggest the following:

1 guest in front passenger seat, 2 guests on second row and 2 guests on third row.

Note: Third row seating doesn’t have the leg room of the second row but is ideal for kids or average sized adults.

​Front seats are dual climate controlled, heated & cooled. Second row has its own climate control with heated seats.


Luggage Capacity:

Third row seating can be lowered or removed to allow for more luggage.

If one section of the third row seating is removed, it can accommodate 2 large hard cases.

If both sections of third row seating is removed, it can accommodate 4 large hard cases.

Our typical tours are 2-4 people so we remove the third row accordingly to allow for more luggage.

We have a quality rooftop cargo box for soft luggage but this cannot carry hard cases.

For guests planning an Alaskan adventure, we suggest travelling with soft luggage (backpacks or hold-alls).

2021 Toyota Rav 4 (all wheel drive)

Seating capacity: 

3 - 4 guests however, we recommend maximum of 2 - 3 guests for comfort.

Luggage Capacity:

2 large hard cases plus space for some soft luggage.

Remember you have a guide who will carry their own small bag & kit for their journey.

Roof cargo box can be added for additional soft luggage / kit storage.

This vehicle is also available for rent via Turo, for guests who require their own transport and wish to self-guide for some of their trip.

Lincoln Navigator, Chevy Suburban LT, Mini Bus 

We work closely with several experienced Alaskan tour guides who have their own vehicle options.

Prices and terms may vary depending on requirements and availability.

Terms of Service

Alcohol Onboard
It is not permitted to have open containers of alcohol in vehicles on the roads in Alaska.
Please respect local laws as breaking such could leave all vulnerable to prosecution.
We can store closed alcohol beverages in the trunk but the driver must be informed.

Food Onboard
When travelling on our vehicles please do not leave food behind as bears love food gifts and will break-in for them.
Please keep our vehicles clean and bin any rubbish you may have. We will provide waste bags when needed.

Rubbish/ Food Waste
We will always bag rubbish or waste products from picnics/ outdoor treks.
We have a policy of leaving our parks & trails the way we found them. Nothing is left behind.

Third Party Vendor's
We will source and book additional services on behalf of clients. This may be flights, dog tours, boats and everything in between.

We only charge an admin fee for our time and have no control over the terms & conditions of vendors services. We will always communicate clearly, forward contract information and forward on deposit payments once received. Keep in mind that most vendors are very cooperative and fair when and if services are interrupted due to weather or other issue. We will take the hassle out of most of the back & forth communication and try find alternatives when possible. We are not responsible for any broken contracts between the vendor and guest, so please read contracts before agreeing to the booking. We always endeavour to highlight the pros/cons or cancellation terms when and if known, to take the stress out of travel planning.

When travelling with children, it is the parent's responsibility to watch over them and always be mindful that the landscape and nature can be dangerous. We are not baby sitters and expect parents to act responsibly.

If parents require child minding services they can be out-sourced.
Safety Instruction
We want our guests to enjoy the experience without causing alarm, but we will give clear and easy to understand safety instructions and advice when required. Formal safety inductions will be given when risk levels dictate to such.
Please do not go against the safety advice of our guides as they have years of experience and just want to keep everyone safe.

Sometimes they see dangers that guests cannot.
We expect some natural wear & tear of our vehicles and equipment, but any serious damage or loss resulting from neglect or intentional acts may result in the guest being billed to fix or replace goods. This rule also applies to any kit hired for your trip from third party vendor's. 

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